I’m Not Your SEO Guru. 3 DYI Basics for Ranking Well.

I’ve been in the SEO game for well over 20 years now and I’ve seen this industry explode and with that growth the charlatans have multiplied. Be wary of anyone who’s claimed to “crack the code” on search engine optimization or is offering number one ranking in Google. Trust me when I say they have no idea what makes Google tick, they are only guessing. Google protects its algorithm just like Coca-Cola protects its recipe. The best source for gaining any insight into Google’s activities is always from the pros at MOZ.

When consulting with clients I always emphasize the following best practices, which are just rooted in simple logic and common sense. Remember, Google’s mission is to index the world’s information and to provide the most relevant search results to the customer. Therefore, follow these tips and watch your Google Analytics over time. I can’t assure ranking number one, but I assure you these basic techniques will move the needle and drive more qualified traffic to your site. This isn’t voodoo people, it’s just common sense that has stood the test of time.

1. Update the Content. All things being equal, if you are Google you are going to give more relevance to a site which is updated on a regular basis over a site which has had the same content for months and years. Please don’t write content that is overloaded with keywords with the intent to trick the indexing bots, instead write content that your customers truly care about. Think about what your customers want.

2. Build Links. There are two ways to do this. Provide great content that people will want to link to from other sites, or go onto other sites and look for places to share links back to your site.

3. Google Local Listing. For those who have businesses which have a physical location, you must have a Google Local Business page. It’s easy to do and provides great upside especially if you can build a solid foundation of reviews.

That’s it. Update the content on a regular basis, build quality links and maintain your Google Local listing. Regular investment on a consistent basis will provide excellent returns for your business.